Brand New Phones Can Upgrade Your Older System

DT730_24_lgIs your business tired of using dated looking phones, but don’t want the cost of upgrading your entire system?  Now, if your business is using an NEC IPK II model system, you can upgrade to new NEC phones without the cost and hassle of changing the entire system.

For businesses using an IPK II system, you can now upgrade to a brand new Univerge all digital handset that will easily integrate into your system. These phones will help modernize the look of your office at a fraction of the cost of an entire communications system. And remember that for these older systems, only used handsets are available. So for a little more money than used, you can upgrade to a brand new digital phone.

DT330_12_largeIf your system is an older IPK I version, digital phones are also available when you add a retrofit keypad. This is a great way to modularly update your current system.

SoundTel can help you find the perfect phone upgrade for your current NEC system. For 30 years, we have assisted companies like yours in their every communications need. We are a local, family-owned business invested in our community. ContactSoundTel or call 425.481.5493 or 800.797.3663 to learn more.

Phone Tips and Tricks: Browser Based Maintenance on NEC Phone System

Collaboration_23Browser based maintenance is one of the best features of a modern business phone system. If you have an NEC IPK2 or newer system, this feature is available to you with NEC’s Web Pro. Below we review some of the most basic features of this program.

Web Pro for the NEC SV8100 and IPK2

To start the program:

  • Open Internet explorer (Web pro does not work properly with Chrome)
  • In the web address field enter the IP address of the phone system
  • Enter your user name then password. Both the user name and password are case sensitive.
  • Default user name: ADMIN1
  • Default password: 0000 (four zero’s)

If you are unable to log in:

  • Check your IP address
  • Check your user name and password, remember both are case sensitive
  • Check your internet access and access to your network. Both are needed to access Web Pro
  • Call SoundTel for help

Swapping two phone locations
Available with the SV8100 software 3.0 and above. If you own a SV8100 and do not see the following feature, you will need a firmware upgrade.

  • Log into the phone system administration page see “To start the program” above
  • Click on the Swap icon
  • Use the drop down menu to select the two extensions you want to swap locations
  • Ensure both users are not on the phone
  • Click the Apply button to save
  • All of the data for the phone is now swapped including name, buttons, extension number, and voicemail box

Change the name displayed on a phone

  • Log into the phone system administration page (see “To start the program” above)
  • Click on the System data icon
  • Click on 15.XX Extension setup to expand the column
  • Click on 15.01 Extension basic setup
  • Use the drop down menu to locate the extension name you want to change and click on it
  • In the field 01 Name clear the previous name and type the new name of the extension
  • Click on the Apply button to save

nec-monitor-53-resized-600For over 25 years, we have assisted companies like yours in their every communications need. We are a local, family-owned business invested in our community. Contact SoundTel or call 425.481.5493 or 800.797.3663 to learn about internet security, anti-virus, firewall protection and more. Arrange for your free 15 minute CheckIn communications system analysis and SoundTel can help make sure your business is protected.



Migrating Your End-Of-Life NEAX 2400 and NEC 2000 Telephone Systems

NEC has announced End of Support for all NEAX 2400 and NEC 2000 telephone systems effective March 31, 2014. End of Support means no parts and no tech support will be offered by NEC for these systems. Both the NEAX 2400 and NEC 2000 have been End-of-Life products for some time, and NEC will no longer develop or make new parts for them.

NEC2400Your investments in technology are extremely important. They bring value to your business NEC2400and often help increase your bottom line and competitive advantage. But as systems near their end-of-life, the prospect of upgrading to a new system can be overwhelming. The investment in time, learning and money could be more than a small business has resources to manage. SoundTel and NEC are committed to helping you maintain your investment in your current NEC system while providing a clear migration path to a new, upgraded system.

We want to make sure that no customer is left behind when innovation hit the market and new technologies are delivered. Because of this, SoundTel has partnered with NEC and developed a straightforward migration path for systems such as the UNIVERGE SV8500 communications server or the UNIVERGE 3C unified communications and collaboration solution. There are options available to fit any budget.

SoundTel is a fully authorized NEC dealer that can help you choose the right upgrade for your business. For over 25 years, we have assisted companies find solutions to a wide range of communications needs. Our professional staff will make any job a worry-free experience for, saving the headache and stress of trying to do it yourself. As NEC experts, are staff can guide your business to make the most of your current investment in communications systems for the least cost and effort on your part. We can help you through every part of the process and provide best in class customer service following the upgrade.

We are a local, family-owned business invested in our community. Contact SoundTel to discuss which option is best for your company. Call 1-800-797-3663 or 425-481-5493 to learn more about your options for upgrading your systems and for a free communications analysis.

NEC UNIVERGE DT770G Terminal is Now Available from SoundTel

NEC-hospitality-39SoundTel is your source for the new NEC DT770G terminal. The DT770G terminal offers the convenience of a regular handset with the ability to integrate a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet. Users can dock their existing tablet or smartphone directly into the cradle. This allows users to take full advantage of all the features and functionality of a mobile device, while still having the convenience of a desktop telephone.

NEC’s DT770G Terminal enables organizations to provide employees with a high-end desktop telephone that incorporates the Unified Communications (see the SoundTel blog What is Unified Communications?) features and functionality currently available through a smartphone or tablet. It eliminates the expense of a high-end touch-screen telephone and enables more utilization and value from the smartphones and tablets that workers are currently using.

NEC-hospitality-22NEC’s DT770G terminal is easy to use and SoundTel will make sure you are thoroughly trained on the device. Simply slide the smartphone or tablet of your choice onto the DT770G Terminal, push the pairing button and you are ready to go.

Once the device is docked, users can:

  • Receive or answer calls through either a direct or cellular number using either the handset or speakerphone
  • Place calls through your network, thus reducing the cellular minutes used
  • Access existing UC
  • Gain more usage and value from the mobile device currently being used and budgeted
  • Customize applications to fit specific vertical industry needs
  • Charge the device via a USB connection
  • Avoid obsolescence – when the smartphone or tablet is upgraded to a newer model, so is the desktop terminal

Now is a great time to update your current phones to a NEC UNIVERGE DT770G. Contact Soundtel now for a free CheckIn to assure your system is doing all we can for your business. Click the button on the SoundTel homepage, call 1-800-797-3663 or 425-481-5493, or email SoundTel for a free, comprehensive communications analysis.

Phone Tips and Tricks: Customize Your Phone with Distinctive Ringing

nec-monitor-152webSoundTel presents a series of “Tips and Tricks” to help you better utilize your phone system. For more Tips and Tricks go to our website support page.

Have you ever ran to your phone only to find its your associates ringing and not yours? You can solve this problem with distinctive ringing.

Distinctive ringing can becustomized for both your intercom ring tone and your incoming (trunk) call ring tone.

NEC Univerge 8100 and NEC IPK II

While your phone is idle:

Step 1: Press Speaker and Dial 720
Step 2: Dial 1 to set Intercom ring; Dial 2 to set Trunk ring
Step 3: Dial code for the desired ring pattern (1 – 8)
Step 4: Press Speaker to Hang Up

To Listen to the Ring Tone Choices

While your phone is idle:

Step 1: Press Speaker and Dial 711
Step 2: Dial 1 to listen to Intercom ring; Dial 2 to listen to Trunk ring
Step 3: Dial code for the desired ring pattern (1 – 8)
Step 4: Press Speaker to Hang Up

*NEC IPK I and older systems need to be programmed by a technician. 

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NEC SV8100 Telephone and Voice Mail System Updates

NEC has recently developed some great updates for your Univerge telephone system platform, including enhancements to all voice mail platforms and desktop suites. Here is just a few of the updates we are most excited about.

System Wide Highlights:

Virtual Extension Enhancement
Caller ID is now available for Virtual Extensions, allowing you to selectively screen calls, avoiding surveys and telemarketers. This enhancement also makes caller-ID appear on LCD for station-to-station calls, external calls and a virtual extension.

USB Backup
Administrators can now back-up programmed data to a USB drive via Webpro. System data can also be uploaded from a USB drive.

Do Not Disturb Enhancement (DND)
DND enables users to activate the Do Not Disturb feature on a phone, ringing or not. Callers will simply hear the user’s customized message and be transferred to voicemail.

Softkey Disable
Management can easily disable the softkey function per station (ie. Breakroom, lobby)
Voice Mail Highlights:

Terminals_largeUM8000 Voice Mail
Mobile Web Mailbox Manager (MWMM)
The MWMM web application is designed to run on a smartphone browser, allowing subscribers to listen to messages and configure their mailbox settings, including the Presence Greetings. Great for mobile employees.

Google Chrome Support
In addition to Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome is now supported for both the Web Administration Console and the Web Mailbox Manager.

Presence Greetings Support
The available subscriber greetings have been expanded to support over 10 Presence
Greetings, allowing the subscriber to provide callers feedback on their status.
Subscribers may use any of the following user interfaces to configure the greeting that callers hear:
• Telephone User Interface (TUI)
• Web Mailbox Manager (WMM)
• Mobile Web Mailbox Manager (MWMM)

Inmail Voice Mail Enhancement
The Answer Table determines how the Automated Attendant answers outside calls on each line, according to the time of the day and day of the week that the call is ringing. The answer table has been increased from 8 to 16.
The Dial Action Table defines the dialing options for the Call Routing Mailbox chosen by the active Answer Table, which in turn provides those dialing options to Automated Attendant callers. The Dial Action Table has been increased from 16 to 32.

Queued Message Notification enables configuration of each voice mailbox to receive new-message notifications at a pre-set time. DT730_24_lg This is useful for companies that commonly receive messages after regular business hours, or a service desk collecting after hour messages that can be delivered at a pre-set time.

You already know how valuable your NEC SV8100 Univerge system is to your business. To ensure your phone system always gets the most up-to-date software, SoundTel provides Software Assurance Packages and Service Protection Plans. SoundTel can affordably provide or upgrade both types of plans for your business today. To learn more about the latest updates for your NEC SV8100 and get a free CheckIn to assure your system is doing all it can for your business email SoundTel or call today at 1-800-797-3663 or 425-481-5493 for a full preview.

SoundTel – NEC Phone Tips and Tricks: Using Group Listen

SoundTel presents a series of “Tips and Tricks” that will help you better utilize your phone system. For more Tips and Tricks click here to go to our website support page.

Do you train new staff and need them to hear both sides of your phone conversations? Do you ever want an associate to monitor your conversation with a disgruntled caller? Then Group Listen is the feature for you!

Group Listen allows you to play a called or calling party’s voice through your speaker on your phone, even if you are using the handset. This allows a third party to hear both sides of the conversation. Group Listen does not activate your microphone. So the party at the other end will hear only audio transmitted through your handset.

For NEC systems: SV8100, IPK, IPK II

To use Group Listen:

While on a call using your handset press the Speaker key. The other parties’ voice will be played through both the handset and the speaker.

To cancel Group Listen:

Press the Speaker key again. The other parties’ voice will no longer be played through the speaker.

It is as simple as that! We hope you find this tip helpful!

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