Have you tested your Backup Batteries recently?

POSince your phone system is such an integral part of your daily business, it’s important to keep them up and running. This is why it’s important to test your backup batteries annually. If there is a big storm and power is affected in your area, backup batteries can be a life saver, but only if they work!

Backup batteries normally need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years. After that, you can expect short run times, no run time, or even gas leaks from sealed lead acid batteries. To ensure your communications are unaffected by inclement weather, we suggest that you test your batteries at least every year, and especially when you are aware of storm systems that could affect your communication systems.

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Why have a desi less phone?

Available for your NEC SV8100 or SV9100 phone systemsDS are desi less phones from SoundTel. When we say desi less phone, we meant that the designations are available on the LCD display, this offers increased customization with up to 32 designations per phone. The designations can easily and frequently be changed to best fit your business needs without having to print off new designation sheets.

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Featured Product – NEC Door Boxes

DPDoor phones can be very helpful for your business or home, and they are available through SoundTel. Door phones can be a cost-effective way to screen visitors to your site. With two-way audio communication you can easily identify someone at your door. The phone also enables the ability to control your door or gate remotely. Door phones now come in both voice and video modules, giving you options that will best meet your individual needs.

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Phone Tips and Tricks: Customize Your Phone with Distinctive Ringing

Collaboration_23SoundTel presents a series of “Tips and Tricks” to help you better utilize your phone system. For more Tips and Tricks go to our website support page.

Have you ever ran to your phone only to find its your associates ringing and not yours? You can solve this problem with distinctive ringing.

Distinctive ringing can be customized for both your intercom ring tone and your incoming (trunk) call ring tone.

NEC Univerge 9100, 8100, and NEC IPK II

While your phone is idle:

Step 1: Press Speaker and Dial 720
Step 2: Dial 1 to set Intercom ring; Dial 2 to set Trunk ring
Step 3: Dial code for the desired ring pattern (1 – 8)
Step 4: Press Speaker to Hang Up

To Listen to the Ring Tone Choices

While your phone is idle:

Step 1: Press Speaker and Dial 711necmonitor16
Step 2: Dial 1 to listen to Intercom ring; Dial 2 to listen to Trunk ring
Step 3: Dial code for the desired ring pattern (1 – 8)
Step 4: Press Speaker to Hang Up

*NEC IPK I and older systems need to be programmed by a technician.

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Basic Troubleshooting for Your Communication System

Storm season is well underway in the Pacific Northwest. It is likely that homes and business in the Puget Sound area will suffer, resulting in loss of power and communications during upcoming storms. Any time your business is experiencing any type of communications problems, including intermittent blackouts or dropped calls, you should ask yourself these five questions:

1. When did the problem start? Did something happen around this time that could cause this problem.

  • Look back at the recent weather and see if it coincides with the beginning of your communication system issues. Even if the storms in the region didn’t hit your business directly, it may have caused problems somewhere else that cascaded to your phones.

2. Have you made any changes to your network or infrastructure that may be affecting your communication system?

  • The timing of the problems and recent storms could be simply a coincidence. Recent changes made by you or your provider could be causing issues because of incorrect installation or incompatible parts. Check into the last time any changes were made to hardware or software.

3. Is the problem on all lines or one line?

  • Is everyone in your office experiencing the same issue or is it confined to one line? Issues with a single line are usually easier to diagnose and correct, but be sure the problem is actually limited to that single line and not just more pronounced than on other lines.

4. Is the problem on one phone or all phones?

  • Problems with the actual phones may be different than problems with the line. If possible, try moving the problem phone to a different location to see if the problem moves with the phone. Try to track down and isolate as best you can the starting point of the problem.

5. Is the problem constant or intermittent? If intermittent can you recreate it?

  • Of course, it is much easier to pin down a consistent problem. By following the first three steps you can probably find the issue quickly. An intermittent problem can be much more frustrating. Try experimenting with your phones to see if you are able to reproduce the problem. Write down a list of each thing you try and the results you get so you don’t end up working in circles. Keeping a log of intermittent problems will help find patterns as well.

nec-monitor-152webIf the problem is not readily fixed by someone within your organization, keep all the information you have discovered handy to help in the diagnosis by whoever you call in to work on your system. SoundTel can help diagnose, repair and replace a wide range of phone systems, from simple, older landlines to the most advance cloud-based communications network.

For over 30 years, we have assisted companies like yours in their every communications need. We are a local, family-owned business invested in our community. Contact SoundTel or call 425.481.5493 or 800.797.3663 to learn about diagnosing, repairing and replacing your current communications system. Arrange for your free 15-minute Check-in communications system analysis and SoundTel can help make sure your business is protected.

10 Steps to Relocating Your Office Communications

NEC-conference28webMoving your business can be challenging, for you, your employees, and your customers. The last thing you want to worry about is your communications. Here is a checklist to make moving all your networking and communications easier:

  1. Check Service Availability at New Location: Before signing a lease, make sure phone and internet providers can offer you the same service for a similar price. Service providers may not deliver the same network speeds or service at all in some locations. This could negatively impact your business with slower network speeds and/or increase your communications expenses.
  2. Audit your Services: Make a thorough audit and listing of all your phone lines, internet access, fire and burglar alarm lines, credit card, fax and postage machines. Figure out what you have now and if that need will change at your new location.
  3. Evaluate Service Providers: A move is a great time to check other service providers to see what is available, possibly saving you money and upgrading your services. SoundTel can provide a free communications analysis.
  4. Schedule Services at your new location: Do this at least 30 days in advance of your move.
  5. Create a floor plan of your new site: Note cable requirements, the number of telephone lines and user extension numbers.
  6. Schedule Voice and Data Cabling: To be done in conjunction with other construction. If no construction needed, schedule a pre-field with your equipment provider.
  7. Evaluate Phone and Voice Mail System: This is a great time to upgrade to a new system and save the cost of moving your current system. SoundTel can provide a free Check-in: a 15 minute no cost / no obligation communication assessment.
  8. Schedule Phone and Voice Mail System move: Schedule move and purchase additional equipment as needed. SoundTel can handle moving and installing your current system, even if you didn’t buy it from SoundTel.
  9. Review Current Voicemail Greetings: Make sure you include a mention of your move and your new address.
  10. Notify Staff of Schedule and changes: Set up a short meeting with your staff so they are aware of everything involved in the communication system move. This will help avoid any missed customer contacts.

Collaboration_17SoundTel can help in all aspects of your move and would like to be your local communications provider. For over 30 years, we have assisted companies like yours in their every communications need. Our professional staff will make any job a worry-free experience for you and your employees, saving the headache and stress of trying to do it yourselves. We are a local, family-owned business invested in our community. All it takes is a quick phone call to (425) 481-5493 and you can focus on the important work, your business.

Featured Product – Plantronics CS530 Headset

The Plantronics CS530 Headset is one of the best hands-free tools and it’s available at SoundTel. As part of Plantronics CS500 series, the CS530 is one of the lightest headsets on the market. Its streamlined design and improved performance has made the Plantronics CS Family best sellers for close to a decade. With superior call management, an included charging base, and outstanding audio quality, the CS530 will be the perfect addition to improve efficiency in your office.

cs530With this headset you’ll get 6 hours of talk time and be able to communicate clearly up to 350 feet away from your desk. Plantronics superior technology eliminates WI-FI interference that can disrupt conversations on other headset devices. At SoundTel we can also install your headset with an electronic lifter. This feature allows you to pick up your phone from anywhere in the office and hang up without ever touching your desktop phone.

Please contact SoundTel today to learn more about the latest Plantronics Headsets.

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