Communications System

necNEC has created the next evolution of their award-winning communications technologies with its UNIVERGE SV9000 Series Communications Platforms. The SV9000 Series smart enterprise and SMB solutions leverage technologies which optimize business practices, drive workforce engagement, and create a competitive advantage – resulting in your business being more efficient, flexible, and productive. These powerful communications solutions are designed to fit your business’s unique needs and provide you with high-efficiency, easy-to-deploy technology that you require.

The SV9000 Series enhances the overall user experience. From IT staff and office workers to the receptionist and all other employees, the SV9000 Series provides communication tools that can be tailored to individual roles to streamline information delivery and increase productivity.

The SV9000 offers:

  • Native UC on all platforms
  • New licensing software delivery models
  • Easy administration and deployment tools
  • Enhanced vertical workflow solutions
  • Univerge Blue Connect

SoundTel is an authorized NEC reseller and installer. Our staff can help you decide which UNIVERGE SV9000 Series Communications Platforms is perfect for your business or organization. With SoundTel, you can be assured of best-in-class service, support and prices.

SoundTel can help you upgrade or replace for your current NEC system or replace an out-of-date system from another manufacturer. For 30 years, we have assisted companies like yours in their every communications need. Contact us today!