SoundTel – NEC Phone Tips and Tricks: Using Group Listen

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Do you train new staff and need them to hear both sides of your phone conversations? Do you ever want an associate to monitor your conversation with a disgruntled caller? Then Group Listen is the feature for you!

Group Listen allows you to play a called or calling party’s voice through your speaker on your phone, even if you are using the handset. This allows a third party to hear both sides of the conversation. Group Listen does not activate your microphone. So the party at the other end will hear only audio transmitted through your handset.

For NEC systems: SV8100, IPK, IPK II

To use Group Listen:

While on a call using your handset press the Speaker key. The other parties’ voice will be played through both the handset and the speaker.

To cancel Group Listen:

Press the Speaker key again. The other parties’ voice will no longer be played through the speaker.

It is as simple as that! We hope you find this tip helpful!

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