[Tips and Tricks] Using Exclusive Hold on your Telephone System

Ever put an important call on hold only to have your associate pick it up by mistake? Master the “Exclusive Hold” feature and this will never happen again!

For NEC systems: SV8100, IPK, IPK II

  • Initiate an external call
  • Press Feature
  • Press Hold
  • Press the line key to pick up the call

For All DBS systems: DBS 824, Large DBS, DBS 576 and DBS 576HD

  • Initiate an external call
  • Press the line key being used (it will be solid green on your phone)
  • Line key will start flashing
  • Press the line key again to pick up the call

It is as simple as that! You press the line key you are on instead of the hold key. Now your call is on Exclusive Hold.

We hope you find this tip helpful!

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