NEC Recognized with Lowest Cost IP Telephony Solution

An independent research firm recently found that NEC has the lowest total cost of ownership among top vendors in the marketplace. The report details the costs of IP telephony and Unified Communications (UC), based on research conducted on more than 200 companies. NEC provides the lowest first-year costs, and Microsoft the highest, when factoring capital, implementation, and operational costs.

DT330_12_large The executive summary states: IP telephony continues to be an area of growth for the majority of companies. Though 96% of companies have IP telephony implemented to some extent (including pilots), only 28% have completed their implementations to all endpoints.

The report also highlights the importance of fully understanding the factors that make up the true cost of IP Telephony investments. One example shows that some vendors may offer “free” licenses, but actual first-year costs could be three times higher than the lowest TCO leader. With costs that vary widely, it’s imperative that organizations make sound decisions based on actual data.

In addition to the lowest capital and total first-year TCO, the report notes that NEC has the lowest annual maintenance costs. Although NEC is not the lowest TCO leader in all categories, we believe this independent report will be a valuable tool to help you make the right decision in today’s economic environment.

Terminals_largeThe research was conducted by Nemertes Research. Founded in 2002, Nemertes Research is a certified women-owned business. They are a research-advisory and strategic-consulting firm that specializes in analyzing and quantifying the business value of emerging technologies.

The full report can be accessed here.

SoundTel is a fully authorized NEC dealer that can help you choose, buy and install the latest IP telephony or UC system. For over 25 years, we have assisted companies like yours in their every communications need. Our professional staff will make any job a worry-free experience for you and your employees, saving the headache and stress of trying to do it yourselves. We are a local, family-owned business invested in our community. To learn more about the latest NEC systems and get a free CheckIn to assure your system is doing all it can for your business email SoundTel or call today at 1-800-797-3663 or 425-481-5493 for a full preview.

Communication System Leasing Options

Building or updating a modern communication system can be an intimidating expense for a small to medium size business. But purchasing a system is not your only option. So don’t settle for an inadequate system that won’t meet your future needs. Consider lease options that can help your company get the right system for business today and for years to come.

phonestarewebSoundTel has worked with NEC to offer a variety of leasing options to meet almost any business need. Whether your business wants low lease payments, tax benefits, a balloon lease or lease to own options, SoundTel can find the best option for your business, as well as building and installing the ideal NEC system in your office. Lease options include:

Fair Market Value Lease
For the lowest possible lease payments, with an end of lease purchase option (not to exceed the fair market value of the equipment). This type of lease may also have significant tax advantages.

$1 Purchase Option Lease
This lease type gives you the benefits of ownership, such as interest and depreciation deductions. After all the lease payments are made, you can purchase the equipment for $1.00.

10% Purchase Option Lease
At the end of the lease, the option to purchase is fixed at 10% of the original cost, allowing for lower monthly lease payments and a predictable cost of purchase at the end of the initial lease term.

necmonitor356webBalloon Lease
A balloon lease allows for a commitment to a guaranteed purchase price. This is beneficial where the value of the equipment is strong and the lessee wants to leverage that value in order to have a lower monthly payment.

Step Lease
Some equipment requires time to realize its value. A step lease allows lower monthly payments for an initial period before it “steps-up” to the normal payment for the remainder of the lease term. This type of lease is ideal for equipment that has a longer training period or might generate a higher level of revenue at a later date.

SoundTel and NEC also have periodic special offers on leases. These can include 0% lease options, a 1% per month lease with cash out early option, and for smaller systems, a 13 “baker’s dozen” month purchase payment plan. Contact SoundTel to discuss which option is best for your company. Call 1-800-797-3663 or 425-481-5493 to learn more and for a free communications analysis.

NEC UNIVERGE DT770G Terminal is Now Available from SoundTel

NEC-hospitality-39SoundTel is your source for the new NEC DT770G terminal. The DT770G terminal offers the convenience of a regular handset with the ability to integrate a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet. Users can dock their existing tablet or smartphone directly into the cradle. This allows users to take full advantage of all the features and functionality of a mobile device, while still having the convenience of a desktop telephone.

NEC’s DT770G Terminal enables organizations to provide employees with a high-end desktop telephone that incorporates the Unified Communications (see the SoundTel blog What is Unified Communications?) features and functionality currently available through a smartphone or tablet. It eliminates the expense of a high-end touch-screen telephone and enables more utilization and value from the smartphones and tablets that workers are currently using.

NEC-hospitality-22NEC’s DT770G terminal is easy to use and SoundTel will make sure you are thoroughly trained on the device. Simply slide the smartphone or tablet of your choice onto the DT770G Terminal, push the pairing button and you are ready to go.

Once the device is docked, users can:

  • Receive or answer calls through either a direct or cellular number using either the handset or speakerphone
  • Place calls through your network, thus reducing the cellular minutes used
  • Access existing UC
  • Gain more usage and value from the mobile device currently being used and budgeted
  • Customize applications to fit specific vertical industry needs
  • Charge the device via a USB connection
  • Avoid obsolescence – when the smartphone or tablet is upgraded to a newer model, so is the desktop terminal

Now is a great time to update your current phones to a NEC UNIVERGE DT770G. Contact Soundtel now for a free CheckIn to assure your system is doing all we can for your business. Click the button on the SoundTel homepage, call 1-800-797-3663 or 425-481-5493, or email SoundTel for a free, comprehensive communications analysis.

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications (UC) is the ultimate communications tool. Integrating all forms of communications, networks, systems and applications in your business – on any device, in any location, UC improves productivity and efficiency by enabling you to communicate more effectively than ever before.

nec-conference-611A new name for a group of established technologies, Unified Communications have been around in different combinations for quite some time. To take advantage of UC today, you don’t have to replace all your current hardware: in most cases you can leverage your existing communications infrastructure and enable some truly amazing ways to communicate.

UC consists of several important building blocks:

  • Presence
  • Telephony
  • Instant Messaging
  • Conferencing and Collaboration
  • Mobility
  • Unified Messaging

Together, these pieces make a flexible, integrated communication system across your entire business, in every mode of communication on every platform.


Presence is a fundamental change in the way we communicate. Just as the name suggests, it’s about other people reliably knowing your presence, or your current whereabouts and how to contact you, at any time. It has been around for quite some time but presence information was initially about the phone (or to simply forward calls), not the person. The core concept of Unified Communications is your presence state providing rich information to others about your physical location and types of communication available to make it easier to contact you.

• Are you currently interacting with your PC, or are you away from your desk?

• Are you in a meeting and what time does the meeting end?

• Are you on a phone – desk phone, mobile phone, wireless phone?

• Are you in a conference – voice, video, application sharing?

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging provides a new way to effectively hold multiple, simultaneous conversations and it provides a level of immediacy that email does not without being as obtrusive as a phone call. With an enterprise grade Instant Messaging system, all of your communications are secured and encrypted. Every message can be logged for auditing and compliancy purposes. And if you choose to federate with external parties, messages between organizations can also be encrypted end-to-end to ensure your privacy is never compromised.

NEC-hospitality-108Instant messaging can be critical in your Contact Centers where many consumers are now opting for web chat to talk to your business. This can drastically increase the number of calls your operators can handle at the same time, and provide a familiar and reliable communications method. With clients on your desktop, messaging available from your desk phone, web access, and apps for your smart phones and tablets, access to instant messaging from anywhere is now a reality.

Conferencing and Collaboration

Dedicated video phones (usually SIP based) can now be used to provide desk-to-desk video conferencing. They can also be a low cost high quality video and audio option. Soft-phone technology provides everything you would expect from a high quality business phone, but also incorporates a dedicated conferencing and collaboration solution, allowing users to perform point-to-point video conferencing with application sharing and instant messaging.

Room-to-room solutions allow for high quality video for important board meetings. These solutions are the highest quality audio and video and can be used to hold meetings with multiple parties across the globe.


With current Unified Communications solutions, you can now communicate with almost the same functionality you have at your desk from an internet café, in a hotel room or through your mobile device.

With IP telephony, moving desks is simple. You can log your phone in anywhere and your entire telephony profile moves with you. If you take your laptop, then using a VPN solution, your complete communications solution is always available.

Unified Messaging

Often Unified Messaging is used to describe voice mail that is delivered to an inbox such as Outlook, but there is so much more to Unified Messaging. Most offices have faxes scattered around, but with Unified Messaging you can have users fax directly from their PC’s – even receive faxes straight into their inbox. Receiving your voice mail as an attachment in your inbox is one thing, but with Unified Messaging you will not only be able to play that message in your email client, you can get it to play on your desk phone, or even get it to call you on another phone number and play the message.

Unified Messaging takes your current presence status and ensures your callers are up to date. Rather than recording a new message, the system knows where you are and speaks it: ‘I am sorry, Dale is not in the office, and will not be returning until 8:30am’. With Unified Messaging you can play different messages based on the callers’ identity, or even control the call flow. A key customer is calling and you are in a meeting, forward to your mobile. A colleague calls while you are in a meeting, take a message.


NEC is the leader in telephony – this is our core strength. They have been connecting people with traditional and IP phone systems since 1899 and pride themselves on giving customers migration paths forward. Their Unified Communications offerings are no exception. Customers with traditional PBX’s up to ten years old can take advantage of Unified Communications, either directly on their existing hardware or with minor upgrades to PBX capacity.

NEC-hospitality-39What is Unified Communications? Just as the name suggests, it is unifying all of your business’ methods of communication into one integrated, cross-platform unit that functions together seamlessly. The benefits to your team in time and efficiency savings could be immense. NEC is the leader in Unified Communications and SoundTel is a certified NEC dealer able to answer any of your questions and design, install and service the perfect system for your business.

Now is a great time to update your current phones to a modern total communication system. Find out how you can move to Unified Communications: call 1-800-797-3663 or 425-481-5493, or email SoundTel for a free, comprehensive communications analysis and discover what Unified Communications can do for you.

Phone Tips and Tricks: Customize Your Phone with Distinctive Ringing

nec-monitor-152webSoundTel presents a series of “Tips and Tricks” to help you better utilize your phone system. For more Tips and Tricks go to our website support page.

Have you ever ran to your phone only to find its your associates ringing and not yours? You can solve this problem with distinctive ringing.

Distinctive ringing can becustomized for both your intercom ring tone and your incoming (trunk) call ring tone.

NEC Univerge 8100 and NEC IPK II

While your phone is idle:

Step 1: Press Speaker and Dial 720
Step 2: Dial 1 to set Intercom ring; Dial 2 to set Trunk ring
Step 3: Dial code for the desired ring pattern (1 – 8)
Step 4: Press Speaker to Hang Up

To Listen to the Ring Tone Choices

While your phone is idle:

Step 1: Press Speaker and Dial 711
Step 2: Dial 1 to listen to Intercom ring; Dial 2 to listen to Trunk ring
Step 3: Dial code for the desired ring pattern (1 – 8)
Step 4: Press Speaker to Hang Up

*NEC IPK I and older systems need to be programmed by a technician. 

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SoundTel is a NEC Double Diamond Associate

double dimond reward-resized-600.JPG

Look what we just recieved in the office – NEC Double Diamond Associate Reward!

According to NEC Corporation of America, “The Diamond logo is a mark of achievement for NEC authorized dealers. Customers can rest assured that Associates bearing a Diamond logo have gone above and beyond minimum NEC standards for customer satisfaction, training and sales performance.”

Thank you for your support and we will work hard to continue providing our best quality services to our customers!

When it comes to telephone solutions for your business, you can always count on SoundTel!


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Annual NEC SV8100 Updates are Here!

NEC UNIVERGE SV8100 is a solution-rich platform designed to easily embrace new features and technologies. It is scalable and can be expanded in size and features to meet business’ communication needs now and in the future. To make this powerful and efficient telephone system keep up with the latest technology, NEC releases two software updates each year. Within the eight newest features that NEC just announced, SoundTel has highlighted the two that may be the most beneficial to small and medium size businesses.

Update Highlights:

1. Ecology

This new energy saving feature has two new ways to help you save energy on your phone system.

1) Power Cutting: This function is controlled by the Night Mode. The power of the terminals will be turned off when you turn the night mode on.

2) Power Saving: This function darkens the brightness of all Line Key and Feature Key LED’s on the Multiline Terminal. Any key operation or incoming call will end the power saving mode.

Although the phones use very little power, over long periods of time even small power savings add up!

2. DID (Direct Inward Dial) Enhancement

Direct Inward Dial lets outside callers directly dial system extensions. It also has a function to automatically reroute DID calls depending on how it is programmed. This update adds more flexible schedule settings for your DID lines. You will get DID Call by Day of the Week schedule and increased time patterns in which DID calls can be routed.


Want to learn more about the latest updates for NEC SV8100?

Dowload full preview on NEC updates-resized-600




To ensure your telephone system always gets the most updated software:


Software Assurance CTA-resized-600

[Tips & Tricks] How to set up the one-touch key on your NEC and Panasonic telephones.

SoundTel presents a series of “Tips and Tricks” that will help you better utilize your phone system. For more Tips and Tricks click here to go to our website support page.

Do you know that you are able to store an extension number or a phone number on your phone? Follow our tips below to set up this feature on your phone today! Your associate or regular customer will be only one-button away.

Steps to set up the one-touch key on your Panasonic phone:

For DBS-824, Large DBS, DBS 576, and DBS 576HD:
1. Press ON/OFF
2. Select Program
3. Press a button to be programmed
4. Enter the extension number or a phone number (DBS 576 and 576HD only)
5. Press Hold
6. Press ON/OFF


Steps to set up the one-touch key on your NEC phone:

For IPK I:
1. Press Feature
2. Press Redial
3. Press a button to be programmed
4. Dial 1
5. Enter the extension number (storing a phone number is not available on this system)
6. Press Feature again to end

For IPK II and SV8100:
1. Press Speaker
2. Dial 751
3. Press a button to be programmed
4. Dial 01 and the screen will display “DSS/ONE TOUCH”
5. Enter the extension number OR 9+ destination phone number
6. Press Hold to save, you should hear a confirmation beep
7. Press Speaker to exit

We hope this series of tips will help you better utilize the functions on your phone system.