NEC Recognized with Lowest Cost IP Telephony Solution

An independent research firm recently found that NEC has the lowest total cost of ownership among top vendors in the marketplace. The report details the costs of IP telephony and Unified Communications (UC), based on research conducted on more than 200 companies. NEC provides the lowest first-year costs, and Microsoft the highest, when factoring capital, implementation, and operational costs.

DT330_12_large The executive summary states: IP telephony continues to be an area of growth for the majority of companies. Though 96% of companies have IP telephony implemented to some extent (including pilots), only 28% have completed their implementations to all endpoints.

The report also highlights the importance of fully understanding the factors that make up the true cost of IP Telephony investments. One example shows that some vendors may offer “free” licenses, but actual first-year costs could be three times higher than the lowest TCO leader. With costs that vary widely, it’s imperative that organizations make sound decisions based on actual data.

In addition to the lowest capital and total first-year TCO, the report notes that NEC has the lowest annual maintenance costs. Although NEC is not the lowest TCO leader in all categories, we believe this independent report will be a valuable tool to help you make the right decision in today’s economic environment.

Terminals_largeThe research was conducted by Nemertes Research. Founded in 2002, Nemertes Research is a certified women-owned business. They are a research-advisory and strategic-consulting firm that specializes in analyzing and quantifying the business value of emerging technologies.

The full report can be accessed here.

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