Can a New Telephone System Save Lives?

Healthcare15If you run a healthcare business or senior care facility, putting someone on extended hold or missing a call could be a matter of life or death. Answering all calls in a timely matter is more than good customer service in the healthcare industry. Yet many offices struggle with out-of-date systems that are unable to handle growing clientele numbers efficiently and effectively. Simply parking customers on hold for several minutes is not acceptable.

A recent article, An RX For Hospitals: Communications Overhaul, on the website Breakthroughs, highlights this issue in a healthcare setting. The story, which first appeared on the Dallas NPR station KERA radio, focused on how NEC’s technology helped John Peter Smith (JPS) Hospital in Ft. Worth not only save money, but also save lives and improve the patient experience.

200181824-001As the article highlights, there is a wide range of technologies to upgrade or replace aging systems. VoIP offers faster, clearer and more reliable service than many traditional phone lines. IP-based communications allow businesses to answer phones through their laptops, check their email for voicemail left in their office, and run high-bandwidth medical applications that are becoming more popular.

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