Welcome to UMobility: NEC UNIVERGE SV8100 Mobile Extension

To stay coTerminals_largempetitive in today’s business environment, your company needs to be flexible and always available. In this around the clock business world, mobility is a must. With NEC’s new Mobile Extension for the UNIVERGE SV8100, now you can be in the office 24/7. AndSoundTel can upgrade you now.

Mobile Extension gives you access to all of the features of your office phone from almost any external communications device, including your mobile phone, home phone or other device, to simulate an extension of your office phone. One number access lets your customers reach you wherever you are and they will never know you’re not at the office.

One-Number Access

With one number access, you can use the same business phone number for both your desktop phone and mobile extension so customers, vendors and business associates need only one number to reach you. This can dramatically decrease amount of time it takes you to respond.

Flexible Call Control

Incoming calls that are not answered by a mobile device can be set to follow internal routing, including to your office voice mail. You can also control who gets through. When you combine Mobile Extension with the SV8100 Call Forward Both Ring feature, both your desk phone and your mobile device ring simultaneously. Unanswered calls to your direct extension can be routed to office voice mail, while internal and transferred calls are not.

Management of Mobile Extension Calls in Progress

Remote Mobile Extension users can access their office phone features on their mobile device even when answering a Mobile Extension call. You can transfer the call, place it on hold or insert the caller into a conference right from the extension.

Access to All Key Desktop Telephone Features

Offsite workers can now manage the features of their office communications systems. With the UNIVERGEMobile Extension, they can access their office telephone-based productivity tools right on their mobile devices.

Mobility Features:

  • Enables mobile user to intercom anyone in the office using that person’s extension number instead of being routed through the receptionist or voice mail system.
  • A mobile user can mask their caller ID as their office number when making external calls.
  • The mobile user can transfer a call to an office extension directly.
  • If a call transferred to a mobile user isn’t answered, the call is sent to the user’s office voice mail instead of mobile voice mail.
  • When a call is sent to a user’s desk phone, the call can be set to ring on the desk phone and the mobile device at the same time.
  • While talking on the office phone a user can transfer the call to their mobile device, allowing the user to leave their office if needed.

nec-monitor-53-resized-600*Mobility requires a SoundTel technician to set up and train the user on the functions.
*Depending on phone system configuration, Mobility may require two phone lines to be in use on the phone system per user.
*Mobility uses 2 ports per user counting towards total phone system port availability and can be upgraded by a port upgrade license. (64 ports, 256 ports, 712 ports)

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