NEC Software Assurance Amnesty Program

As a small business owner, there are two things you never have enough of: time and money. So we all prioritize what we spend both on and make compromises. But sometimes trying to save time and money can cost you both. Now SoundTel and NEC have a special offer that will let you redo a costly decision.

NEC SWA CheckNEC’s Software Assurance Program made it easy for you to maintain the latest software and technology for your business. With the new Software Assurance Amnesty Program, now through March 31, 2014, you can renew an expired SWA contract (for qualifying NEC products) without paying reinstatement fees.

Maintaining your current SWA contract offers significant benefits:

  • Protect technology investments: Maintaining current systems and applications ensures you have the latest technology and tools to stay competitive.
  • Mitigate unforeseen costs: SWA enables you to stay current as technology evolves, alleviating unexpected costs and complexity of a major upgrade.
  • Simplify budget planning: Annual and multi-year contracts are available and eliminate the unexpected costs for bug fixes, service packs enhancements and new releases.
  • Try out the latest features: Upgraded software often includes free enhancement licenses to try out new features such as Desktop Suites and UMobility at no cost to you.

nec-monitor-152webIn addition to renewing your Software Assurance Program, consider addingSountel’s System Protection Plan. With the System Protection Plan,SoundTel will cover all of your telecom related products from your phone system to your phone bill. With an annual visit we can check your voicemail for security is-sues, train new staff and refresh veterans, examine your phone bill for potential savings and back up your existing voicemail and telephone systems database. We will also provide a little TLC for your phones by replacing designation labels.

Soundtel offers significant savings when purchasing these two programs together. Contact us for more details.

Contact SoundTel or call 425.481.5493 or 800.797.3663 before March 31, 2014 and we will help you find the best Software Assurance program for your business and tell you more about our System Protection Plans.