Phone Tips and Tricks for NEC 8100 System Managers

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When receiving calls from another extension you have two options. The two options are:

  1. Hands free Answerback – after a short beep you can immediately speak to the extension you called. They do not need to touch their phonefinger phone but can answer your call hands free.
  2. Force Ringing for Intercom Calls – the phone rings when receiving an internal call. The receiver will have to answer your call by lifting the handset, hitting the speaker button or picking up your call with their headset.

Why would you want to switch between the modes? It’s convenient to have the Hands free Answerback mode since it saves time on waiting for the receiver to pick up the call. Plus the receiver can respond without touching their phone. On the other hand, having the phone ring is more private and for some less disruptive. The default setting selected by your system administrator will be programmed for you, but you can switch between these two options by following the instructions below (IPK I, IPK II and SV8100):

  1. Initiate an intercom call
  2.    Press 1 to toggle between voice announce or ringing the extension

For users of IPK II and SV8100, you are able to change how your phone responds to an Intercom Call by following these steps:

  1. Hands free Answerback
  2. Press the Speaker Key
  3. Dial 721
  4. Press the Speaker Key
  5. Forced Ringing for Intercom Calls
  6. Press the Speaker Key
  7. Dial 723
  8. Press the Speaker Key

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