Here is a Winter Checklist for Your Telephone System

Don’t let the first snow day catch you unprepared. Take a few minutes now to make sure your telephone and voice mail system are ready for this winter season.

Here is a quick checklist:picture1

  1. Are your voice mail greetings up to date? If you use an alternate greeting for snow days or holidays are they recorded?
  2. Who has administrative rights for your system? We always suggest more than one person has rights. Generally only administrators can change company voice mail greetings.
  3. What is your snow day procedure? A little planning now can eliminate confusion later.
  4. If you are using back up batteries now is a good time to test them. Most back up batteries need to be replaced after about two years.

I hope you found this checklist helpful. For additional assistance, contact us at 425.481.5493 or