What is the Security Code for my Telephone System?


Why should I change my security code?
Your security code prevents others from using your personal ID to listen
to your messages. It also protects your system from outside hackers.

How often should I change my security code?
Change your security code as often as you like. Your security code should be 4 to 10 digits long.

What if I forgot my security code?
If you forget your security code, call your system manager.

How do I change my security code?
To change your security code by computer
1. Access the Mailbox Manager.
2. Click Profile.
3. Click Change Code.
4. In the Change Security Code dialog box, type your old and new
passwords in the corresponding fields.
5. Click OK and then click Save.

To change your security code from your telephone
1. Press MESSAGE key or VMsg soft key
2. If using Softkeys press SETUP, PERS, CODE. Otherwise, enter 7 7 4 to change your security code.
3. Follow the system instructions. Enter 1 for Yes, 2 for No.


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