Product Review: Plantronics Bluetooth Voyager PRO HD Headset

The smartest headset I have ever owned!

People tend to either love or hate mobile Bluetooth headsets, and for those who hate them, it’s usually a case of having had a poor performing or ill fitted headset, or not having actually tried one. I wear mine for hours on end, so it was vital for me to invest in a good one. The set I am currently using is the best I have ever had: Plantronics Voyager PRO HD

Voyager Pro HDThis headset is so smart, by simply placing it on your ear, it automatically answers my calls and transfer calls back and forth between my phone and headset. This happens because of one of my favorite features: the Voyager PRO HD’s face detection capability, which Plantronics calls Smart Sensor™. The earpiece detects when I place it over my ear and automatically connects to my phone to answer calls. As soon as I remove it from my ear, it switches control back to the phone. This prevents lost calls sent to a headset not in my ear or calls ‘stolen’ when I get either my phone too close to my headset or my headset too close to my phone.

The Voyager PRO HD can also stream my music, podcasts, GPS information and other audio applications, just like plug-in headphones, when I use my A2DP-enabled phone. This lets me enjoy my favorite music or podcasts while the phone is not in use. When a call comes in, the Voyager alerts me. The headset whisper voice will also alert me of low battery, lost connection, and more. Plantronics provides WindSmart™ technology that does a great job of blocking intrusive wind noise when I am making a call outside. The device also has a very long battery life.

As someone who uses a headset virtually 24/7, I would say the Plantronics Mobile Bluetooth Voyager PRO HD is the best headset I have owned. It is comfortable, easy to use, very reliable and works flawlessly. I am always recommending this device to friends and clients that use headsets and would strongly recommend it to anyone with a cell phone or other Bluetooth enabled device. It’s the perfect headset for those considering a headset for the first time or for those disappointed in other Bluetooth headsets. The Plantronics Voyager PRO HD is available from SoundTel for $99.

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