What does Netlink do?

What if a company has an office in Bothell and another office in Tacoma? To improve communications between the two offices, the owner is seeking a way to connect the telephone systems together.

With Netlink and a wide area network, you can seamlessly connect the telephone systems at multiple locations.

Netlink allows you to:

  • Share one voice mail system
    This reduces hardware costs and allows you to redirect messages between any users in the organization regardless of the location. You can also send a group message to all users at once.
  • Share calls between receptionists
    Calls to any location can be answered at one or all sites by any receptionist. This is especially useful during lunch breaks or if a receptionist calls in sick.
  • Transfer calls between the locations
    Callers who need to talk to someone at a different location can be easily transferred there without having to be asked to hang up and call a different number.
  • Intercom between locations
    You can call anyone at another location without long distance charges and with all the features normally only available within a single location.

Netlink brings better communication among offices to your business, lowers hardware costs, and increases mobility and transparency within your company.

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