NEC Sphericall

UNIVERGE 3C is a complete, software-based, communications solution designed to seamlessly integrate and reside within the application environment of any business. It delivers unmatched flexibility, reliability and scalability through its standards-based components and distributed software architecture.

Integration of business and communications exemplifies NEC’s UNIVERGE360 approach. The improved efficiency UNIVERGE 3C delivers enables your organization to leverage your network’s true potential and make meaningful improvements to your company’s communications.

The UNIVERGE 3C Enterprise Softswitch provides three distinct capabilities:

  • It functions as a communications server to unify the infrastructure
  • It supports unified communications applications
  • It integrates communication channels with business processes

Watch an overview video about UNIVERGE 360: Univerge360 – Overview

Univerge 3C Desktop
UNIVERGE 3C Desktop empowers users to communicate on their own terms. This powerful software streamlines communications and information delivery which results in improved efficiency and productivity.

Univerge 3C Contact Center
UNIVERGE 3C Contact Center is a smart multimedia solution that provides agents with the tools they need to efficiently manage all inbound inquiries and outbound contacts – which results in superior agent performance.

UNIVERGE 3C Meeting Center
A sophisticated, premised-based audio conferencing, web collaboration and mass notification solution for NEC’s UNIVERGE 3C. It provides alternative ways to communicate with customers and colleagues and helps to improve efficiency.

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