Featured Product – Plantronics CS530 Headset

The Plantronics CS530 Headset is one of the best hands-free tools and it’s available at SoundTel. As part of Plantronics CS500 series, the CS530 is one of the lightest headsets on the market. Its streamlined design and improved performance has made the Plantronics CS Family best sellers for close to a decade. With superior call management, an included charging base, and outstanding audio quality, the CS530 will be the perfect addition to improve efficiency in your office.

cs530With this headset you’ll get 6 hours of talk time and be able to communicate clearly up to 350 feet away from your desk. Plantronics superior technology eliminates WI-FI interference that can disrupt conversations on other headset devices. At SoundTel we can also install your headset with an electronic lifter. This feature allows you to pick up your phone from anywhere in the office and hang up without ever touching your desktop phone.

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Phone Tips and Tricks: Using Headsets with Your NEC Phone

SoundTel presents a series of “Tips and Tricks” that will help you better utilize your phone system. For more Tips and Tricks click here to go to our website support page.

Are you a headset user? I hope so. Studies show headsets reduce neck and back pain while improving productivity. I personally wouldn’t know what to do without my headset.

The following instructions are for setting up a button to control your corded headset on your NEC phone.

Wireless headsets generally use a lifter for you to control the call from the headset top. This allows you to be away from your desk and still answer your call.

Program a Headset Button for Corded Headsets   

NEC Univerge 8100, 9100, and NEC IPK II phones

While your phone is idle:

Dial 751

Press the button to be programmed

Enter 05 (zero then five)

Press Speaker

NEC IPK I and older systems

Needs to be programmed by a technician.

Most headsets will work on your phone. We sell and highly recommend Plantronics headsets for their unsurpassed reliability, comfort and sound quality.

So don’t delay, pull that old headset out of your drawer today or call us and order a new one. Your neck will thank you tomorrow!

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